About Us

On Host is a company operating in the excellence of hosting. From the moment a guest lands until the moment he returns, he will experience a short term rental with a permanently available team. Our aim is to simplify things for those who visit us!


Along with the hosting, there is also a service for tours with wonderful itineraries and guides, accompanying the visited places. These are expert guides of Portugal’s various areas.



Diogo Medeiros Simões

DIOGO was the one who started this concept! Surf is his middle name and traveling is one of his favourite things! He became a “SuperHost” over a year ago, and since then we don’t call him nothing else! He is the master-host!


César Scarpa Medeiros

CÉSAR has been a musician and a photographer for all his life. Drumming and shooting are his natural habitat, but since he lovers to travel too, he joined Diogo and kept The Super-Hosting concept on! He is a very welcoming host!


Rita Moreira

RITA has lived abroad for a few years, so there’s no need to mention her relation with foreign guests. Besides her amazing voice (ask her to sing for you!), she has cooking skills you cannot imagine! She is a host, as well!


Bruno Scarpa de Medeiros

BRUNO got his degree in Fine Arts and the moment he grabs a pencil, he does magic out of the charcoal! His knowledge about museums and any other art events is always up to date and he is more than happy to help! He is our operations manager!


Vanda Godinho

VANDA is another traveling lover, passionate for foreign languages and always trying to learn a new word. As a hobby, she used to complete mind games…now she does the planning! She always available to help you and give some nice tips for a perfect stay with us. She is the booking manager!