In the path of Templars

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Come to find the mysterious world of the Templars – men and knights, warriors and monks at the same time.


Convent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal, UNESCO world heritage list


A tour through the land where once these Christ Knights ruled and whose headquarters was settled in Tomar, becoming the Templar capital of Portugal and Spain, and one of the most important in the medieval world. Our tour starts with a visit to Torre de Dornes, on the shore of Zêzere river; we then proceed to Templar’s capital, Tomar, we climb up to the Castle and visit Convento de Cristo, UNESCO’s monument. A stop for luch, and then, we will visit Sete Montes National Park. A walk through the city center and through the beautiful garden at Nabão river shore. Finaly, we heat to Constância village to enjoy its natural beauty. Enter the Tempars world!


High quality private transportation with guide/driver; visit the Dornes tower; Tomar walking tour; tickets and visit Convento de Cristo; walking tour in the Sete Montes National Park; visit Tomar Castle; Tomar gardens walking tour; visit Constância village.


With ON Tours you will always be transported in high quality minibuses, where you can enjoy pleasant, comfortable and maximum safety rides. All our minibuses are equipped with a cooling system which allows you to have fresh bottled water during all day. You can also access the Internet anywhere, anytime, because we have free Wi-Fi. You will always be accompanied by a guide that will take you to explore the best Portugal has to offer. Friendliness, complete dedication and professionalism is what our guides have for you.



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